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I find the exploration leading to transformation
energizes and excites me

I was reeling from the events that happened on 9/11/2001 when my sister, a friend, and I went on a retreat to Pumpkin Hollow in Craryville, NY, to study Therapeutic Touch. I was, like so many others, feeling vulnerable and desperately wanted to connect on a soul level to help mend our world. It helped me to bring all the pieces of me together. I began to heal the child in me that could still act out. I can quiet the chatter in my mind that distracts me from making the needed changes by recognizing the old, ineffective way of living my life challenges and choices. I find the exploration leading to transformation energizes and excites me. It becomes a partnership on this journey when I’m working with a client because I am a witness to their changes. That is where my journey began. Spirituality and organized religion were always a part of my life. Still, that tragic event opened in me a need that would bring me to a new awareness of myself and the universe. I needed to find a safe place within myself so that I could then help my family to find their safe place. From there, I read many books on all different energy modalities leading me to enroll in an energy medicine program. I was also attending many workshops, but the most influential was seeing Marianne Williamson, and my love of studying A Course in Miracles® began. I also became a Reiki master/teacher, a Karuna Reiki Master, and participated in Family Constellation® workshops. I studied hypnotherapy, and I then attended my most transformative schooling by enrolling at Hartford Family Institute. There I studied body-centered psychotherapy, which formed the path leading me to become a life coach.

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