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Whether you are searching for a life coach or just stumbled upon this website, I am so glad that you found me.

My name is Lori Avitabile, and I am a life coach.

What I find fascinating about life coaching is the process of opening to all the possibilities available to the client and witnessing their transformation.

We accomplish this together.

Change happens when we use various exercises and observations to help create a new awareness–whatever that may be, in relationships, career or home. The possibilities are endless.

I welcome you to challenge yourself and explore all the opportunities awaiting you.

I know all our schedules are chaotic, so if you would rather not drive to me, get a cup of tea and a cozy place to sit, and we can meet and do our sessions on Zoom.

- Lori

Life Coaching​

Learn navigate the twists and turns of life. Gain the confidence you've always sought.


Overcome addiction, loss, change bad habits and long standing negative beliefs


I am a Reiki master/teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master

A Course in Miracles and The Emerald Tablets

I study A Course in Miracles, and The Emerald Tablets

As I approached retirement age, I decided to take a look back at my life – the good and the bad. I knew I had to take charge of my life for the first time and reinvent myself – to look ahead, not behind. I decided to try life coaching with Lori Avitabile. I found it calming, nurturing and empowering. Lori’s positive, encouraging approach has helped me to be more accepting of myself and embrace new life skills that I have used to enrich my relationships with others and resolve conflicts in a positive way. I have been able to let go of situations I can’t change and move ahead. I will continue to rely on her coaching to keep growing. Lori’s life coaching has enabled me to like who I’ve become.

Robin M.

“Choice is the most powerful tool we have. Everything boils to choice. We exist in a field of infinite possibilities. Every choice we make shuts an infinite number of doors and opens an infinite number of doors. At any point, we can change the direction of our lives by a simple choice. It is all in our hands, our hearts, and our minds.”
~ tinybuddha.com

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